As we know gaming is one of the growing field in this time. So its choice of every person to buy an gaming laptop for him or her. So here I am with one best gaming laptop under 60000 the reason behind this gaming laptop is that I am currently using it right now so the name of the laptop is ASUS TUF GAMING F15 and this review is going to be totally trustworthy and correct because I am using it and I know each and everything about it so lets begin with the review of this gaming laptop.




Here are some of the specification of this laptop which makes it best gaming laptop under 60000. There are some of the brilliant features of this laptop which I am going to share with you. So here are the specification of this laptop written below.

  • Screen Size 15.6 inch
  • FHD 144hz
  • Intel core i5-10300H 10th Gen
  • 4 GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 512 GB SSD
  • OS – WINDOWS 11
  • Antiglare display
  • Supports Gen 4 SSD
  • Weight 2.30 KG (5.07 LBS)
  • 150 AC Adapter


The reason this is right choice for you for the laptop under 60000 because you can do many things in this powerful machine. The things like you can do anything heavy. You can use the graphic card efficiently in this best gaming laptop under 60000. You can play those games that needs a lot of strong graphic and random access memory in this laptop there is each and everything in this laptop that is essential for every gaming laptop. As you know it have very beautiful interface of the keyboard with RGB lights which makes the laptop more gaming type and beautiful.

The heavy games like you can take example Grand Theft Auto 5 which is of rockstar games and other games like Read Dead Redemption which is also very heavy game which needs a lot of heavy requirements to make this game work in your laptop but this laptop ASUS TUF GAMING F15 have enough requirement to make this game work in your laptop. You can work on other heavy software which needs a lot of high specification you can easily work on that software very easily in this laptop because these are the things which makes this laptop best gaming laptop under 60000.

For more information you can go to the website of this brand The most important thing is that if we see gaming laptops of price more than one lakh then the most shocking thing you will see is that there will be not any camera provided to that laptops even prices are more than one lakhs but in this laptop you have the camera provided of satisfied quality so that is why this is the reason this is best gaming laptop under 60000. So I will just suggest you if you are looking for a gaming laptop then this is the best gaming laptop under 60000.

You can also check the information on the games like HOW TO INCREASE FPS IN GTA 5 and other information on the games like CALL OF DUTY SERIES LIST. These are the some important information about this website Terms And Conditions.


The main thing or we can say that most important question arises in case of this laptop is that is there any heating issue is there or not. As I told you I am too using this same laptop so I will give you a true review about it because as you know I am not any seller of this company laptop so here is the truth answer of this is that where the word gaming comes means powerful processors and high graphic cards and due to high graphic card the heat is obvious thing that will produce.

But if you talk about there will be a big issue of heat then you are wrong at this moment. The more heat will only produce when there is most usage of graphic card like for example you can take while playing the game like Read Dead Redemption and Grand Theft Auto 5 these are the games in which there is a lot of usage of graphic card then there will be heat produce but not that much that your laptop will not tolerate.

Because when there is large amount of graphic card usage then the fans of laptop automatically started to turn on and keep rotating until the laptop does not feel cool so the arrangement for controlling the heat is very well done this arrangement so we can say that there is not any big heat issues in this laptop. So these are the things which makes this laptop best gaming laptop under 60000.

The design of this laptop is very nice for maintaining the temperature and this laptop have self cleaning feature in it which increase the performance of the laptop and the design if you see from the bottom of the laptop then you will see that there is a honey comb like structure in it which is best for maintaining the temperature so that is why this is best gaming laptop under 60000. The honey comb structure makes the heat to get out from the laptop very easily and it have dual fan feature which makes the temperature more in control.



As you know if we talk about the heavy games then games like Grand Theft Auto 5 is most top choice of the gamers because it is old game and as well as it have every modern techniques that should be in the most of the games. This game is one of the most loveable game in the field of games that is loved by gamers. The main reason is that because this game is old but have every modern features.

So this game can be easily played on this laptop because this is the best gaming laptop under 60000. This game is heavy as well as most graphic demanding and I am playing this game on my this laptop with good fps but if you are facing in any type of low fps in this game then you can check it out this HOW TO INCREASE FPS IN GTA 5.


This one of the latest game released by rockstar games. The rockstar games released this game after very long time but they just developed the masterpiece because if you play this game you will automatically get to know about it why I am talking about this like this way and more thing is that this game is more graphic demanding then the Grand Theft Auto 5 means you need heavy laptop to play this game but this game can be also well played in this laptop so now you can estimate that how much powerful this laptop is so you should try this laptop if you are searching an best gaming laptop under 60000.


These are the features of this laptop as shown in the image. The features are like having the good processor or we can say that having an strong processor of max turbo boost up to 4.5 GHZ. It have the 10 GEN Intel Core i5-10300h. If we move further to other features of this laptop then there are some of the other features like refresh rate of 144hz and now in your mind question will absolutely gonna arise that if more refresh rate then there will be more usage of the battery.

But this is not as you are expecting the refresh rate of 144 hertz will only be worked when your laptop is plugged to charge if charging is not there then you can experience the refresh rate of 144 hertz. So by changing the option to the 144 hertz too but this will only applicable when charge is plugged as we all seen in mobile phones when we change the refresh rate the of the display in the mobile phones then there is great effect on the charging because it allows the experience of high refresh rate even your phone is not plugged into charging port.

In this laptop which is best gaming laptop under 60000 the memory provided is 8 Gb of ram (RANDOM ACCESS MEMORY) which is enough for any gaming laptop you can increase your ram later but then there are some charges on it which you have to pay but if you accept my opinion 8 Gb ram is enough for any gamer.

This is gaming laptop and if we not talk about the graphic card then this will be not correct. This gaming laptop have NVIDIA GeForce 1650. This is very good for working on the heavy things in the laptop which is enough. The size of graphic card is 4GB which enough for working on the bigger projects.

And other features are that there are two speakers provided in the laptop with DTS software. The most attractive thing in the laptop is that its RGB lights which gives a very beautiful look to the laptop and this laptop is Wi-Fi 6 certified which will give you the very high wi-fi speed while downloading or uploading anything. The operating system of this laptop is with the latest windows 11.


So I just want to tell you that this was my totally honest review on the this laptop because I did not just explain this all without any knowledge first I used it myself then only am reviewing it so if you are an gamer and you have budget of 60000 then this is the best gaming laptop under 60000. I am using this laptop now too so you can add this laptop to your choice without any problem.

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