About us

Hello Guys, My name is Karan and this is my website reznovgaming.com fully based on the gaming. You will get each and every information about gaming here so if you are an gamer then this website is one of the best website for you. As I told you my name is Karan and I am currently doing my graduation B-tech in Computer Science.

My graduation is going to be completed in 2024. One important thing is that from my childhood only I am fond of playing games like video games and almost I have completed many games because I am playing video games from very long time like about from 10 years so that is why one day I thought that I should have to share my gaming experience with everybody.

So that Is why I started my this website so that I can share each and every thing about gaming because I know each and everything whether we talk about which game is best for pc or which gaming setup would be best from other, which gaming devices are best for gaming means each and everything only about gaming.

This is why while visiting my website you can feel a great gaming experience because this just like an gaming world for gamers. So this is why I just want to share my gaming knowledge through my this website to all the new gamers and this is the reason I created this website. Every gamer in the corner of the world facing problems while playing games is going to be solved with the help of this website.

I am saying this thing because when I started to play games I also got problems some times like bugs while launching the games so this type of things are so much annoying sometimes so I will be there for you for giving the solutions for this type of problems.

So at last I would like to say that If you have any problem related to gaming or want to know more about gaming field then you can suggest us and If you want share your problems related to gaming and want to know more about gaming then you can feel free to interact with us via Contact us.

I will be always there for you for giving the solutions related to your problems related to gaming and if you want the information about gaming.